Sharp Reader

I don't understand the whole RSS feed thing.  I think it stands for "Really Simple Something", but it's computer stuff, so we all know that the really simple part of that is obviously a lie!

I read a number of different blogs each day.  Often, I check in and the blogger has not yet posted that day, or skips many days between blogs.  Not that it's a huge waste of time to do that, but it's like coming down the stairs on Christmas morning only to find that you are the only one up, and that there are no presents to open.

So, this Sharp Reader dealie is cool.  And here's why.  You "subscribe" to all the blogs you like to read.  It regularly scans these blogs for changes and when there are changes, it sends you a pop up alert (if you are online) and changes the icon color on your toolbar from blue to yellow.  Click the icon, and you are taken to the Sharp Reader page where it indicates in which blogs the activity has taken place.  You can view the blog postings directly in Sharp Reader without having to make another trip to each blog site.

Way cool.  The download and set up is a snap.  Even I was able to do it without any help.  Sharp Reader qualifies as a cool link.

(so, click the cool link to go get your Sharp Reader already!)



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4 responses to “Sharp Reader

  • Auntie Di

    Syndication – Really Simple Syndication.

  • Carol

    I like your “Christmas morning with no presents to open analogy. I will have to check out this Sharp Reader thing. Sounds like a good idea.

  • Shirley

    Uh, I am so non-tech, that when I click on your cool link, it takes me back to this page. Must be something in my skin that causes technical things to malfunction. :)(more likely something in my brain that doesn’t function properly 😦 )Anyway, I love reading your blog.



  • Lou (Linda)

    I apologize! Try as I might to get that link to work the other way, I couldn’t! Hmmm. I am in the same boat as you Shirley, technologically challenged! So, I have changed it to a direct link, instead of the nicer looking one!

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