A bit of a flashback!

I still haven’t broken my boots in for the summer.  At least not nearly adequately so.  I always get heinous blisters when I go on Teen Missions.  It’s the combination of Florida and TMI that does it, I’m convinced.  The last time I went there, which was about four years ago to volunteer as a Boot Camp nurse for a couple of weeks, I was literally on the property for about 30 minutes before I sprouted enormous blisters on my heels.  Ask my sister, she’ll tell ya.  I’d been wearing the boots for some time before going to Boot Camp and had had no problem.  I step on the property… and problem!!!!

So, in order to (hopefully) keep that from happening, I am trying a new tack for breaking the boots in.  Old tack?  Simply wear them.  Here’s the new tack, and this is what the lady at the boot store told me to do:

  • Soak the boots in water overnight
  • Wear them until dry the next day
  • That ought to do it

Apparently the boots conform to your feet this way, thereby eliminating any nasty rubbing.  We’ll see!  So where does the flashback enter into the picture?  Well, this really is for any of you out there that read that are FTMs (former team members) or who know what life in Boot Camp is like for whatever reason…

This morning at about 7:15 am, I strapped on the wet boots that I let soak in my kitchen sink overnight.  My socks instantly became sodden.  I hadn’t yet showered, and I sat down to read my Bible for a bit.  What with the sound of the birds outside my window, the soaking wet feet, and the need for a shower, all while reading my Bible, you almost couldn’t imagine a closer match for morning devotions at Boot Camp.

It felt strangely comfortable in a familiar way….

Did I write the other day that I was out shopping when I should have been doing things to get ready for this summer and ended up in the local DSW (a discount shoe store) where I found a fab-u-lous pair of strappy bronze sandals?  Well, before I took both of my boots off (as they are dry now at 7:15 pm) and since I’ve been meaning to but just haven’t yet shown you a picture of my only footwear for the whole summer, I thought I’d show you a picture of BOTH of my latest footwear (or is that footwears, dunno):

(Isn’t that a sexy boot????)

**Addendum – added at 8:05 pm, on the same day:  Okay!  My sister and I, in an effort to help break my boots in, decided to take a walk.  We got down the street and around the corner (oh, maybe a quarter of a mile) and I felt the tenuous beginnings of blisters on the internal aspects of both heels.  Not too much further down the road, I felt the blister on my left foot tear open.  A little bit farther down the road, I felt a blister come out on the back of my right heel.  At this point I am limping and wondering why my top layer of skin (my dermis) just can’t stick to the raw layer underneath it (my epidermis) like other people’s do!  Less than half a mile later, I am on my porch, painfully pulling my shoes off and peeling away my socks from my now thorougly blistered feet.  Oh, boy!  I can only hope that if I get through the agony of de feet here at home, and get my feet all toughened up, that I won’t get a new round of blisters down in Florida.  I guess I’ll need to wear these all day every day to be as assured as I can that that won’t happen.

Maybe I should wear the boots to bed as well….

Couldn’t hurt.**



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3 responses to “A bit of a flashback!

  • Shirley

    This is so funny. You conjured in my head the most delightful picture of your serene self sitting with those clunky boots on, as you studiously read the precious word of God. I laughed out loud.

  • John

    Ha! Great photo. I agree on your assessment of the one on the right.

  • Rebecca

    haha, o man, that old “soak your boots in water” thing so does NOT work! i’m wearing my boots from last year but i think i’ll still get blisters. it’s inevetible. like you said, once you step onto bootcamp property…shazam! blister funland. well, at least we’ll all suffer together. 😀 i’m bringing tons of bandaids and moleskin. see ya in 12 days!

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