The Prayers of a Child

As part of my involvement with Teen Missions this summer, we are provided with "prayer cards".  These are heavy paper stock "cards" thatMitchell at the beach1.jpg have our picture and some very basic information (name, team, etc.) and a reminder to pray for us.  Most people stick them on their fridge, or in their Bible.  I recently mailed out newsletters to my family and friends, begging them to write to me while I am gone, reminding them to pray for me. 

I sent my sister Whitney a letter with two prayer cards in it; one for her, one for her son (my nephew), Mitchell.  He's four.  You've read about him recently.Mitchell at the beach2.jpg  My sister gave him one of the cards and explained what it was for.

"Mamma, Ina keep it near me."  That is what he told her and he placed my card in the window sill above the head of his bed.  And he prays for me every night.

Covered in the innocent, sweet, and genuine prayers of a child.  What a great place to be…

***Addendum added 5/30/06:  Photographs courtesy of my Pops, Mitchell's Grampa…Richard Norris.  Thanks Daddy!***


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