Proud of Julie

My cousin Julie is staring down her dream.  Her dream of becoming a photographer.  The kind of photographer who sells photographs, but doesn't do sittings, weddings, portraiture, that sort of thing.  She didn't study photography, isn't schooled in the various forms or types, or anything fussy at all.  She just likes to take beautiful pictures.  (AND SELL THEM!)

She's quite talented.  She has a natural eye for composition and lighting.  She picks interesting subject matter.  She is able to take the usual and make it look fresh and unusual.  She hasn't really believed in her abilities, but she's really very good.  She has sold a number of large pieces and many of her greeting cards.  Her work is in a number of different types of stores and galleries in Colorado and in California.  She has operated on a very small scale up til now and she wants more out of it.

She is actively working on expanding her fledgling photography business.  One of the things she is going to be doing this summer, is to show her wares at a big local farmer's market.  She is working hard to get her inventory built up in the middle of running her house cleaning business and taking care of three kids, two cats, and a rat.

Julie, I must say, is a natural pessimist.  She tends to look for the reason that something can't work instead of for the solutions to potential problems.  She's working on changing that tendency. 

For the farmer's market, she needs to be able to erect a tent by herself.  She has the tent, but was clueless on what to do to get it up, especially since she will be doing this alone and may not have a sociable and/or helpful "neighbor" at the "market".  She's not much over five feet tall, and the tent is about 2 1/2 times her height.  This tent issue has been preying on her mind and defeating her before she's even started.  Yesterday, I went to her house so that we could work out a plan.  We first figured out together how the parts fit and the order in which to put them together so that the tent came out looking like a tent.  After we got it up and staked down, I sat down, put my feet up, grabbed a Diet Coke, and told her "I'm sorry to do this to you, but you need to take it down and put it up again all by yourself this time."

And she did.  And it really wasn't that difficult afterall.  I hope that Julie, of whom I am very proud, remembers that she was able to erect a tent that the instructions said took 2 to 3 people to erect, and she did it all by HERSELF!

Way to go, Jules.  However much you sell at the market this summer, I applaud your perseverence and vision!  I believe this is the start of a really good thing!

…BTW, there's a permanent link to her blog in my blogroll – Julie's Journey.  She only has a couple of her works shown there right now, but she will be showcasing many more in the weeks/months to come.  Visit her site occasionally, check out the gorgeous things she has captured.


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One response to “Proud of Julie

  • Julie

    Thanks for the compliment Linda…..I always liked to think I was an optomist….but when it comes to my own personal situations, I’m not as comfortable, I guess….easier to tell someone else…..”you can do it….piece of cake”…and then look at yourself and say “I’ve let someone else take care of me soooo long, I can’t do it by myself!!!”….but I am learning and most importantly, willing to learn to take care of the things I need to by myself. Thanks for your help! You are an inspiration….I knew you would be the one to lead me….love you!

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