Humor can be found in death in some of the oddest places and at the oddest times.  As you know, this past Sunday was Mother's Day.

Early in the morning, my nephew Jon was in the kitchen with my sister, and they were looking for a date on the calendar to mark for a birthday party he wished to attend.  My nephew pointed to May 14th and said "Hey, it's Mother's Day".  And he came out to the living room and stood in front of the built in cabinets (it's called "the shrine" and I'll tell you about that later….) and wished his mother's ashes a "Happy Mother's Day".

His first Mother's Day without his Mom.

It was a sweet and touching moment.  But strangely funny, too. 


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2 responses to “Sad…Funny…

  • Ed Bremson

    I drove/rode the old route 66 in 1965 with two friends in a VW with a surfboard on top.

    This mother’s day was the second one for my son since his mother died.

  • Doris

    Here it is almost a year since Bob died. His ashes are in a container, up on a closet shelf, waiting to be divided by our kids. Joanne has taken her “share” to place under a tree in her garden in Colorado Springs. David wants to take some to scatter at Yosemite, where he and his two little sons hiked with their Grandpa. I don’t know what Janice and John want to do. But Bob’s wishes were to scatter the ashes among the giant Redwoods, along the Avenue of the Giants in northern California. I am impressed with the simplicity of your nephew Jon’s wishing his mother a Happy Mother’s Day.

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