“I like, playin’ games, on the ‘peter!”

That’s what my nephew Mitchell was singing a few moments ago.

This morning he was watching my niece Avalon playing games on my laptop.  He came back to my Mom’s house where I am staying and asked if I’d play the games with him.  Sure, why not.  He wanted me to play while he watched.  I wondered if someone of his age (just barely four) could use a glide pad and get the right “tap tap” hold and drag cadence necessary.  I explained to him what he needed to do, and held his hand and tap tapped with him ONCE and he had it.  He needed some verbal cueing on occasion.  But only at first. 

 Jello Head at Four Mitchell Gets His Glide On

He’s a natural. 

Just this morning my sister Whitney was marveling at the ironic differences between she and Connie, and between her son, and Phil and Connie’s kids.  Connie loved being out doors and doing pretty much anything that could possibly hold a shred of adventure.  She dragged Phil and the kids out on a regular basis to investigate waterfalls, wildflowers, rock formations, any manner of natural or unnatural oddities.  Once out they all enjoyed themselves, but the place where you are likely to find THEM if they are simply allowed to do what they wish, is in front of a computer.

Mitchell, on the other hand, is an outdoor kid.  His mother?  A self-proclaimed “sedentarian”  Now that he’s older, Connie would have totally loved how he would rather be outside playing and running around than doing pretty much anything else. 

I think I wrecked that.

Today he spent at least two hours in complete silence and in repose, tap tapping and dragging around the glide pad like a pro.  I had to kick him off the “peter” to check my e-mail and he has been pestering me non-stop since to let him back on!  I’ve created a monster…



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5 responses to ““I like, playin’ games, on the ‘peter!”

  • Alaska

    and guess where he gets it from?? me and richie! thank you very much ! lol

    Love, Alaska

  • Lou (Linda)

    Greaaaaat. Do you realize that at one point we had four computers and two TVs going in the house? That’s just WRONG! LOL!!!

  • Cousin Laurel


    As an ex-preschool teacher must put in my two cents. The computer for little children is not good for the eyes. Especially for any length of time.
    I know it is addicting for them but monitor it. In fact, our preschool would not allow them. Glad you are having fun with the family. The first holidays after a loved one has departed are the worst. Send loving thoughts heavenward. I’m with Connie and the outdoor stuff!!!!!!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks, Laurel. I didn’t even think about that aspect of things!

  • Auntie Di

    Mom says you are in biiiiiiggggggg trouble if Mitchell whines at her about playing on the “peter”!

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