Love/Hate Relationship

Love/hate relationships show up often in life.  We love our cars, but hate the cost of having them.  We love ice cream, but hate what it does to our thighs.  We love TV but hate how it makes us feel like we are wasting so much time…right? 

My BIGGEST love/hate relationship BY FAR is with technology.  Some day (I keep promising in my posts to discuss things at length in the future, but never seem to get around to it, but I'm going to do it again here anyway), some day I will tell you more about how this love/hate relationship looks in my life, but today, TODAY, I am going to cyber-scream on internet connections.  I am currently in LA visiting my family, seeing friends, and hopefully beyond hope, getting my braces off.

My brother, who doesn't know what ISP stands for, recently went wireless.  His two oldest children have laptops and there are times when three or more people in the house need to be on line at one time.  So, despite his technological naivete, he has gone extremely high tech.

I brought my laptop with me and last night spent a grueling two hours trying to help my sister learn how to upload pictures and personalize her blog in between getting kicked off the wireless connection at extremely regular intervals.  I figured maybe I was out of signal range although I was less than fifty feet from the router.  (I am staying in my mother's "Little House By The Pond" which is the little back house at my brother's.  I'll be in the cute little cottage until my mother returns from Colorado on Tuesday evening.)

So, this morning, I am INSIDE, on a desktop, and still, I am having problems.  I was able to get here to post, but for whatever reason, I cannot get into AOL.  Not directly nor by going through Internet Explorer.  So I cannot check my mail.  I can SEE what is in my mailbox, but can't access it.  Frustrating.  Frustrating.  Frustrating.

But, my four year old nephew went to bed with wet hair, and this morning, when he woke up, every hair on his head is a riot of curls sticking straight up all over.  It is just about the cutest thing.  I would show you a picture, but since my laptop isn't cooperating with this wireless system, and since the computer I am using doesn't have an SD card reader, you are, sadly, out of luck!

More later!


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