Two Wholly Unrelated Things

Wow.  I should have called this BanalBlahBlog.  My recent postings have really poured on the boring.  And I continue without digressing…

First thing.  I have a rule I follow when I fly.  Wear comfortable, closed toed shoes that you can run through a burning plane in.  (Cheery thought, but I am a worst-case-scenario girl, and I always have an exit plan in case of emergency!)  I am breaking that rule today in order to wear an absolutely adorable new pair of black high heeled sandals.  But I am taking tennis shoes in my carry-on, just in case…

Second thing.  I had my sister over for breakfast today.  I made bran muffins.  The batter didn't look right to me, but I've never made them before, so I wasn't sure.  I showed it to my sister who confirmed that it didn't look right.  And she expressed shock that I'd never made them before.  Anyhow, it took her about 10 seconds to figure out where I went wrong…

Don't ever try to make bran muffins out of the extra fiber All-Bran if you expect them to be what you expect.  Just get the regular fiber stuff.  Now, the end result was a pretty tasty muffin afterall.  Just not very pretty ones.


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One response to “Two Wholly Unrelated Things

  • Whitney

    The extra fiber do make a most wonderful tasting muffin. Better in fact I think. How do they bake up in your atmosphere? If/when I ever move to CO, that will be one of the hardest adjustments to make as I LOVE to bake!!!

    See you in a few hours!

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