Uno de Mayo —– The Great American Boycott of 2006

May Day!  May Day!  May Day!

Of course it's no coincidence that the timing of this largely union-backed "boycott" coincides with the great communist and socialist bastion of the "worker comrade", May Day, May First.  Which, coincidentally began as a union thing in America…  We have apparently come full circle.  Let's just hope that this latest iteration of May Day doesn't include the riots of the original May Days.  (I am from L.A.  Sadly riots are something that we all always hope don't happen again.)

Wow.  I wish I could say this was some sort of a joke.  Organizers of the "Great American Boycott of 2006" plan to "shut down" the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tuscon, Phoenix, and Fresno.  (Fresno?  How often does Fresno get to be in a group of cities like THAT?!)  By encouraging supporters, Mexican or otherwise, legal or illegal, to not go to their jobs and to not spend any money, and by encouraging their children to walk out of school, the organizers hope to bring America to its knees and have their demands met.  These people are marching in the streets of America, waving the flag of another nation, trying to take the economy hostage, and making demands.  Does that sound just slightly terrorist to anyone else??  I'm just curious on that.  Be strong America.  We don't negotiate with terrorists.

This is a link to the "Coalition Statement" for the organizers: .  Why it is from "" I'm sure will come out in the aftermath of this event.  The "boycott America" group is also very pro-Palestinian.  Anyhow, this is apparently a washed out version of the demands.  Go to the main website and see the REAL agenda delineated there.  Many of the people who are being naively sucked into this boycott with the hope of obtaining citizenship the easy way have NO IDEA with whom they are aligning themselves.  And they are being preyed upon by people with political agendas which are in complete antipathy with the American way of life.

This boycott is being perpetrated (yes, I mean like a crime) on the American public and economy at large to make a point about how pivotal the illegal alien is in the running of this nation and its economy and having proven this to solidify their demands (amnesty, etc.).  So then, this plan is flawed from the beginning!  The only people participating in order so that we can REALLY SEE how the illegal alien affects the economy should be the illegal aliens.  So, I have a truly scientific, and yet FUN method in which we can truly answer the debate over whether the "undocumented worker" brings more to, or takes more from, the American economy.  Here is my proposal:  All undocumented workers (and their familes, "worker" or not) in the United States are to go on vacation for a month.  Make it two months, that will give us a really clear picture.  There are lots of nice places in Mexico one can vacay for not too much money.  Here's a link:

Cancun, Ensenada, Yucatan, you name it.  There are lots of destinations to choose from.  And Mexico is close!  Let's see what happens to commerce.  Let's see what happens to healthcare.  Let's see what happens to overcrowding in schools.  Let's see what happens to unemployment in the teen population.  Let's see what happens to Medi-Cal, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs and their budgets.  Then really stick it to America and refuse to come back!!

Oh, I can hear it now.  "You're a racist."  That is always the response of these groups when someone disagrees with them and their political or economic agendas…the disagreement MUST BE born out of racially motivated hatred.  Debate and discourse in this nation have given way to name-calling and conclusion-jumping.  Let's just say that it's not me who disagrees with this group, but this group who disagrees with ME.  Applying this very same logic, then they would be the racists.  To call someone racist because they disagree with the politics of another because they look a little different, or speak a different language, or come from a different country is patently irresponsible and inflammatory.  Unless that person's motivation is truly because of hatred born out of difference, then we need to be very cautious to whom we ascribe the name "RACIST".  Because I believe that you should come to America through legal channels doesn't even come close to making me racist.

I feel badly that life in Mexico is so bad for the average Mexican that they feel they have to put their lives in jeopardy to sneak into America.  I DO.  But where my complete disconnect is, once you are here, if you find that life is NOT what you thought it was going to be, why not return to home, where things must be better, or else you wouldn't be complaining about how awful things are in the country you risked your life to get to.  In all honesty, I really need somebody to explain that to me.  If my house burned down and my neighbors were kind enough to take me in, feed me, clothe me, and help care for my children, I wouldn't be telling them I thought that the food they were giving me was gross, that the clothes were out of style, and that my children didn't have cable TV.  And should these neighbors speak a different language, I wouldn't be compelling them to learn MINE so that they could communicate with me.  I wouldn't be.  I just wouldn't.  I'd be thankful that my neighbors didn't leave me to live in a pile of soot and ashes.  And, should my neighbors tell me that they could NOT take me in, I would not sneak into their house at night and take up residence there.  And if I DID do that out of desperation and they let me stay ANYWAY, I certainly would not make a bunch of demands on them once I was there.

I have many friends.  They are from all kinds of different socio-economic-linguisto-gendero-etc. backgrounds.  We agree on some things, we disagree on some things, but in our disagreements we do not sink to hatred because he or she is of a different gender, language group, or skin color!

But I digress.  It makes me sad that I even feel like I need to defend myself against what is sure to be the attitude that I am racist.

And just try to call me a xenophobe, too.  That's a good one!

How many of you out their find this war on America as disgusting and preposterous as I do????

LUPE MORENO IS A TRUE AMERICAN!!  This from the dated April 29, 2006

Lupe Moreno, 48, a Santa Ana social worker, American citizen and advocate for immigration control, will not join in the national boycott of work, school and consumer spending. After she finishes work, she said, she will engage in her own form of activism: purchasing a $1,000 big-screen TV to "support the U.S. economy as a proud Latino American."

(  This link is for the whole story, Lupe's portion being about 1/1000th.)

The article doesn't come out and say it, but I am imagining that Lupe is of hispanic/Mexican origin.  (Tongue planted firmly in cheek on that!)

Lupe, YOU are a patriot!  May the owner of whatever store you visit give you a huge discount on that big screen TV.

I'm not done yet.  I'd like to know why illegal Mexican aliens who come here for the opportunities they can't have in their country, INSTEAD OF MARCHING IN THE STREETS IN MEXICO, and instead of SHOUTING AT VICENTE FOX TO FIX THE PROBLEMS IN MEXICO, decide it is more appropriate to do those things here, only the shouting is at our president.  Update on Vicente Fox from the New York times, August 28, 2006:

This article discusses the new law in Mexico which legalizes the possession of many illicit street drugs.  This could actually be good for the United States.  Perhaps all our addicts will sneak across the border at night so that they can legally obtain and use their drug of choice.  Perhaps Mexico will be generous to let them stay in their country because the United States doesn't afford them the opportunity to enjoy recreational drugs.  Maybe.  But I doubt it. 

My little sister Whitney works in an office staffed primarily by young hispanic ladies, first and second generation.  All of them legal.  My sister asked them if they would be at work on Monday.  "Yes", they all answered.  "We have mortgages to pay."

(And to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson I have this to say….you don't even have a real job, so your involvement in the boycott is meaningless to me.  You two need to sit down and zip it once in awhile.)

Mark my words, a big part of this movement is about the unions being able to collect 25-80 bucks a month in dues from 12 million more people (that's 3 and a half billion dollars a year on the low side).  It's about money.  Follow the trail and it leads you to unions.  This trail leads to some other pretty unsavory places, too.

But "the money" is always a good place to start.  The way I see it, the people who are behind this boycott are targeting poor, and largely uninformed illegal Mexican immigrants, who are simply looking for a better life, for their future union dues so that "they" can further their true agendas of socialism and pro-palestinianism among other things.  Shame on you.  Shame on you. 

One last thing.  Good on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa!  He'll be working on Monday.  Trying to get something that Los Angeles has needed for decades now…

a football team….

May God continue to bless America, though we deserve it less each day.



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5 responses to “Uno de Mayo —– The Great American Boycott of 2006

  • Denise

    Wow! This was really good – well written; well researched. I will have the pleasure of trying to get to and from work in downtown Los Angeles tomorrow. And, to top it off, I am being told that my bus drivers MAY be participating in the boycott. On the buses I take, I have had several drivers – young, old, male & female, but all african american. What is that about? For many (not all, but many) I believe it is just an opportunity to take a day off. Many will not go to work, but will not take the time to march either. I was pleases to hear Cardinal Roger Mahoney urge people to go to work and school and THEN march, if they feel strongly about the cause. Bottom line – breaking the law, no matter the reason, is still breaking the law. Martin Luther King broke the law in order to protest, but he also suffered the consequences by spending many days in jail. In his case, the laws were unjust. If illegal immigrants, from any country, feel that strongly that the laws are unjust, then they could turn themselves in, spend a little jail time and then be deported. Then, as you suggest, they can protest the conditions in their country, or apply to enter the U.S. legally as thousands of others have done.

  • Denise

    OH! I forgot to mention one thing. I hope that our immigration officers will be out in full force checking the ID of protest participants. That will do one of two things: Either they will prove that the majority of the marchers are here legally and, therefore, the goal of showing the economic power of illegal immigrants is not reached, or they will take the first major step in dealing with illegal immigration by make a lot of arrests.

  • Helen Losse

    My view is quite different from that of Denise. Civil disobedience aims to change laws. So spending time in jail would lead not to deportation but to citizenship for those who are now in the US illegally. BTW, I quoted your last line of this entry on my blog (giving proper credit, of course.) It’s a keeper, for sure.

  • wonderlandhwy

    You really out did yourself on this one! Couldn’t have said it better myself! I love it!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks! An oldie but goodie… 🙂

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