I have two events coming up for which I am counting down.  Well, three.  But one of the events is part of another, so that doesn't really count. 

One event is leaving for Teen Missions.  I don't have my plane ticket yet, but I'll probably be flying out on June 15th to Orlando.  In fifty days. 

The other event is that I get to go and visit my family in Los Angeles next month.  In sixteen days.  My sister Diane is there for work this week and she gets to see them.  I'm jealous.  She says that the kids just keep growing and getting bigger.  I don't like staying away for too long.  I don't want to be the auntie they only get to see once a year.  I like it when I drive up and they run out and scream "Auntie Lou is here!"  I want to be important to them, not a holiday obligation. 

While I am in Los Angeles I have an orthodontist appointment (the event within an event).  I am hoping beyond hope that the braces get to come off.  If they do, I'll put a big smiling picture up for you to see the end result!

I'll also be doing my mom's job (helping my brother and sister with five of my nieces and nephews) while I'm there, and my mom is going to come here to spend Mother's Day weekend with my sister.  My mother's sister, Leslie, will also be coming to town to be with her daughter, Julie.  So the four of them will be celebrating Mother's Day together. 

This will be Richard's, Alaska's, Jonathan's, and Avalon's first Mother's Day without their mother.  I'm glad I'll get to be with them.


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