The Other TMI

Too Much Information

This past Friday I sedated a patient at work for an MRI, but the medicine did not work on her!  Most likely because she was a regular user of other medications that were in the same family as the stuff I was giving her.  I gave her the maximum our policy allowed, and yet she remained nearly wide awake.  Most people would have been rendered completely unconscious  with the dose she got.  It probably would have even killed some people.  She decided she'd try to get through the study even though she still felt pretty nervous, but wanted me to stay in the room with her and hold her hand.  Which I gladly did.  It was a brain MRI so her hand WAS very near the edge of the magnet.  I didn't have to reach far.  But you do what you have to do!

In order to do this, I had to be pretty close to the "magnet".  The keys in my pocket strained towards the magnet.  The snaps on my jacket quivered and danced towards the magnet.

And the weirdest thing of all?  And here's where I'm going to give you too much information, the UNDERWIRE and the strap adjustment loops in my bra kept twitching!  A rather unusual sensation!!

She was able to complete the exam, and I will shop for a bra without metal in the underwire.  Maybe an underplastic bra???


Yesterday found me in a strikingly similar situation as last Friday.  Today's patient was a young man.  He was having a lumbar spine study and a hip study, and he just couldn't hold still.  So I ended up nearly inside the magnet with him, reaching in up to my neck to hold his hand, and laying across his legs!  The things we nurses do.  In the end, we were only able to complete half the studies ordered on him, but at least we got one study done, AND I found out which of my bras don't have metal in the underwire!!!!


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2 responses to “The Other TMI

  • Denise

    I had a (somewhat) similar situation with my underwire. While in an airport, I was selected to go through the more intense screening process. They make you stand with your feet apart and wave that wand in all kinds of places. Needless to say, my underwire made the wand beep (as did the barette in my hair.) Thankfully, it was a female security screener because she then had to make sure it was, in fact, my underwire and not some teeny-tiny gun I had stashed under there. The things we women go through!

  • wonderlandhwy


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