Go Live

Gack.  We had our first full work day with our new computer systems.  While the "go live" itself seems to have been mostly uneventful, the software for one of the systems (the one I use) is not particularly user friendly.  And in the process of implementation a number of the computers (mine included) needed to be updated to support the software.  Somehow in getting the "new to me, but not new" CPU, I lost all my "settings", but managed to retrieve some important documents. 

Of course, not having e-mail (my Outlook disappeared) isn't all that important when you're trying to get patients admitted, scanned, and their films routed to the correct place.  Understandably.

We nurses are at the usually at the bottom of the totem pole to start with in this 'radiology tech driven and focused' company, but our needs were so low on the totem pole today we were the part that's in the ground!  Fortunately one of the techs took pity on me and got my Outlook up and running.  Who knows what else I'll find that needs attending/fixing.  I WAS able to find the printer I normally use out on the printer network and get set up to print.  (Patting self on back).


Computers make me nuts.  Here's a nutty computer story for you.  Diane was able to convince me that I really should get my finances onto Quicken.  I had a lesson the other night and my current project has been to get my check register for my new banking account here in Colorado into a file.  I was about half way through when all of the sudden I could no longer access the file!  Click on the desktop shortcut and a simple "Quicken cannot open file" alert came up.  With a little box to click that said "OK".  No matter what I did, I couldn't get a single Quicken file to open.  So I took my problem to Diane, who also could not figure out what was happening.  She did virus scans and all kinds of other mumbledy jumbo stuff but no dice.  She was able to transfer the files to a memory stick and open the very same files on HER computer, however!  No explanation for THAT. 

Diane thought maybe reinstalling the software might help.  It was a couple of days before I decided to give that a whirl.  But before I did, I double clicked one last time, and by gosh, that darn thing worked, and has worked ever since.  Is there a good explanation for this at all?  I doubt it.  Just another case of "Linda related I've never seen THAT before". 

That's what tech support always ends up telling me.


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