Document Fear

Welllllll, it's more like a fear of document disposal, not fear of the documents themselves.  I am doing my part to keep America's landfills in business!! 


I have been given the go-ahead from my tax man to destroy many many documents that I have been holding on to, and storing, and dragging halfway across the country! 

It would be just my luck to have disposed of all these useless documents and then the very next day to have the IRS knock on my door wanting to see all the documents I had that related to my refinance back in 1998.

I am operating on the assumption that my tax guy won't steer me wrong and am throwing away REAMS of paperwork.  I have seven years of pay stubs, too, that he said I can shred. 

Thrilling.  I love getting rid of this stuff.

And 95% of my photographs are now neatly lined up in chronological order! 

Making progress, making progress.


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One response to “Document Fear

  • Doris

    It must be in the air. I shredded everything from 1994 to 1999 this past week, while we are living in my kitchen. I took all the cancelled checks to my son’s house, and spent an evening shredding those, too. The 96-gallon waste container is 3/4 full of packed down shreds of our history. Sigh.

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