Bring a Bottle of Red

The other night my sister Diane had me over for dinner.  "Can I bring anything" I asked?  "Bring a bottle of red wine" was her reply.

Years ago when I worked in orthopaedics, I used to get a truckload of presents each Christmas from my patients.  One of the most common gifts was alcohol, much of it in the form of wine.  I gave most of the bottles away as I would be an alcoholic had I drank it myself, but I did keep some, for just these sorts of events. 

I grabbed the bottle nearest to me (a bottle of Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon) and headed over to her house.

She had made manicotti (which was FABULOUS), and the red wine went well with it.  It went very well.  It was really good.  After it had a chance to breathe, the flavor really came out.  It was REALLY good.  So good in fact, I thought I should Google it to see what exactly it was we were drinking.  It just didn't seem like your average cab.

Turns out it tasted really good for a really good reason.

The only website I found that had a bottle of it for sale had it listed at $280.

Remind me to Google the rest of the wine I've had for all these years!  Who knows WHAT I have in my cupboard!


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One response to “Bring a Bottle of Red

  • Brandy-Lynn

    You should drink all those bottles of wine we packed up. If I would of known they were worth money maybe I would have took your offer when your offered them to me. LOL. It is nice that you and Diane have such a good relationship.
    Love in Christ,

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