Seventy Bucks

Today we (that would be Julie, Diane, and I) had a garage sale at Julie’s.  People buy crazy things.  I actually sold a set of hotel toiletries that I picked up at the hotel I stayed in when last in Philadelphia, a bunch of half used stationery, and a particle board shelf.  All things that I would have thrown away, but thought I’d see if I could pick up a few bucks for them.  Which I did!

Garage sales are quite different from the ones in LA.  In LA you have to advertise.  Here you hang up a few signs and run back to the house to try to beat people there!  And HELLO!  It’s FRIDAY!  We had loads of traffic until about 10:00, then a lull for an hour, then loads of traffic for an hour or so, and then things tapered off to the occasional couple of people here or there.  And this flow pattern was predicted perfectly by my cousin.  She says that’s how it always is. 

Very few of the things I sold did I think had any worth.  But I still made 70 bucks for sitting in the sun gettin’ my tan on in a lawn chair yakking with my cousin and meeting a bunch of her friends!

You can bet I’ll think twice about what gets thrown away and what gets held onto for the next garage sale!

And when I got back from the garage sale, 847-281-3020 called looking for Robert Walden.  I saw the number pop up on my caller ID and morbid curiosity got the best of me.  This operator has called me before.  The LAST time he called he was looking for Robert Walden.  I told him “Robert Walden still doesn’t live here, and hasn’t moved here since the last time you called here looking for him.”


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