Gas War

While I appreciate the fervor with which people fight the gas war, do "they" REALLY think that these boycott tactics will work?  Read on with trepidation.  I am feeling extremely opinionated today.  (I've been reading Ann Coulter, so sue me!)

I recently received an e-mail with a new and improved plan to get the gas companies to drop their prices.  The old one that went around for years was "don't buy gas on these days".  That didn't work.  So it was honed to "don't buy gas from these particular companies on these particular days".  That didn't work either.  So it appears in yet another iteration.  The e-mail I recently received has exhorted me to not buy gas from Exxon or Mobil (same company) any more until they bring their prices down to "the $1.30 range".  How the writer/creator of this scheme decided on a dollar thirty is a mystery.  Does the writer even know if the gas companies will make a profit at all at that price?  Probably not.  ('Probably not' refers to the writer/creator knowing if gas companies will make a profit, not to whether or not the companies actually will make a profit.)

Anyhow, here's my dilemma (and please, recognize that I am being sarcastic here).  I buy my gas from King Soopers and Albertson's.  Last time I checked, there weren't any King Soopers or Albertson's refineries in operation anywhere in the world.  I have NO IDEA where KS and A get their gas!  (I don't even know how King Soopers can call itself that with a straight face!) It could be Arco, could be Shell, could be Exxon/Mobil, who really knows?  They probably buy from whomever they get the best deal.  Just like we all do.  My point?  Do we really even know whose gasoline we are buying??

Does Exxon/Mobil OWN the actual gas stations?  Most stations I've ever visited that carry the name of an actual petroleum company are franchises, like most McDonald's.

So, if we all just stop buying gas from Exxon/Mobil STATIONS, which is what the e-mail exhorts us to do, what we will be doing is hurting small American business people. 

How does THAT help America??

I ask you, should the cost of coffee skyrocket like it did years ago, and should Starbuck's adjust their pricing to reflect this huge upsurge in coffee prices, would people boycott Starbucks until a "vente halfcaffhalfdecaffmochachocolatte-soynotmilk-witharondeleofcaramalemacciatotogowithtwoprotectivewrappersplease" costs less than "a dollar thirty"???

I so totally doubt it.

And, although water is nearly free out of the tap, people still spend gobs of money on bottled water and sports drinks.  Hmmmmm.  You need water to survive, but I don't hear anybody complaining that bottled water is a two dollars for a 16 oz. bottle (works out to costing well more than gas costs per gallon, BTW, and how hard is to to turn a gallon of water into, well, a gallon of water?  Not much expense involved there)!  Why aren't we waging a water war???  No more Evian/Dannon/Arrowhead/Aquafina until it's around 25 cents a bottle!!!

I say, "Get on the gasoline bandwagon!!!".  Take advantage of the "gasoline price gouging" and buy stock in oil companies! 

Not that I have an opinion on the subject!  🙂

It's not that I don't feel very badly for those people who are seriously affected by the increase in living expenses that the higher gasoline prices have caused.  I just don't believe in doing something that is not well thought out just so that we can feel better about ourselves!  If you REALLY want to affect change, then reduce your consumption.  Go a little bit greener in general.  One of these days (but probably not in any of our lifetimes) we'll run out of oil all together.  At that point we can fuss about how expensive whatever fossil fuel alternative we are using then is. 

And if you were wondering why the price of gas at the pump goes up immediately when the cost of crude goes up even though the gas that is being sold is clearly gasoline that was purchased at a lower price, I figure it's because in order to be able to refill the big tanks underground at the higher prices, the local businessman has to up the price on the gas he/she is currently selling.  They probably operate at a pretty narrow profit margin at the gas station level.  As to why the prices don't drop at the pump as fast when the price of crude goes down, I have no postulation on that.  Except maybe the independent franchisee wants to try to make a couple of extra bucks while he/she can.  I really don't fault them for that.  I'd do the same thing. 

Have a blessed day!  And walk!  Or take the bus!  Drink tap water.  Brew your own coffe and tea.  That'll teach 'em…


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