This was supposed to be posted for St. Patrick's Day, but I completely forgot I had started it!  In fact, I never even wished you all a Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  So, you're gettin' it now, instead!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Don't forget to wear your green, or your orange!

Did you know that Limerick is a county in Ireland??

A few years ago my dad took me on a FABULOUS trip to Ireland.  Go.  If ever you can.  It's one of the most lovely places on earth.  We went on a guided tour with a group called Rick Steve's.  I'd never done a fully guided trip and It was a nice to just show up where you were supposed to be at any given time and have all the details worked out.  No need to call taxis, or make dinner reservations, or confirm hotel arrangements.  We were able to just completely relax and enjoy ourselves. While on the road from one charming town to the next, our tour guide would tell stories, teach us history, and the like.  I learned my first, and really my only, gaelic from him.  This is what he taught me:

     pog mo thoin.jpg

Pog mo thoin means "kiss my a–"!  There's only one other word of gaelic I learned.  In the sidewalks there were small round access portals (less than six inches across) that said UISCE on them.  Pronounced "wee-skee" I was told.  And when I asked what it meant, I was told "water".  So, in Irish gaelic, the word for water is whisky! 

We didn't get to stop in Limerick on this trip, but we did spend the night in Kilkenny.  The well-known limerick of the Kilkenny Cat prompted a contest.  We were given thirty minutes to write our own limerick.  After helping a number of people with the cadence of the limerick itself and with finding the right words for their own limerick, I was pretty much out of time to write my own.  A minute before we had to have our limericks written down and turned in, I had a flash of inspiration!

Oh I wish I were an Irish lass

Surrounded by Paddys and Seans en masse

I'd drink all day long

And sing Irish songs

And be able to say "POG MO THOIN" (kiss my a**)

And I won!  My prize was four coasters featuring Irish landscape.  I am debating whether or not to sell them at our garage sale later this month. 



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