Archiving My Pictures

I have a new project that I am just starting. I have boxes and boxes of photographs and slides that are in desperate need of attention. I have fallen horribly behind in "scrapbooking". I don't make traditional scrapbooks, but I do put my pictures coherently together in binders along with other mementos that are "flat". At least I try to. I have about a decade and a half of pictures that I'm not even exactly sure when they were taken.  And I have slides from two TMI teams.  One of those is the team on which I met Connie.  I haven't looked at those particular slides in nearly fifteen years.  Not since our ten year reunion in 1992 in fact.

But now, since you can get a CD when you have traditional film developed, and since I learned how to use my digital camera and am taking alot more pictures, and since I am no longer afraid of my computer and have learned how to make files and move things around, and since I have learned how to right click and to use photo software, I have decided it's time to do something about all the pictures. Get a library of sorts going. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Once I go through them and pick out the keepers, I am going to have them scanned and put onto discs before they rot in their boxes. I thought that an external hard drive would be the ticket so that I can store all my pictures in one place and have access to them!

Enter Circuit City. These electronic stores give me palpitations. I used to think it was fear causing the sensation, but now I think it's actually love. More on my technophobia vs. technophilia in a later posting. I don't usually spend time in the data storage areas of electronics stores, but since I was on the hunt for a Sea Gate 160GB (that's GIGA BYTES folks, GIGA!) external drive on sale for $59.99 (after rebate – can you BELIEVE THAT?). I will be able to store all of my pictures in it for some time, and actually back up my computer, which I never do, because I didn't know how until just recently. Anyhow, I am looking forward to actually putting some sort of sanity into the whirling vortex of years and years of pictures. At least MOST of the photographs are still with their negatives.

While I was in the storage device area of Circuit City I stumbled onto little CDs! Boy are they ever cute! They're called Pocket CD-Rs. They are a bit bigger than Mini Discs, but can be used in regular CD devices. I bought some. And while I didn't buy it, there was a 5GB little round (about 2" in diameter) device. Didn't it take a room full of computers that had less power than a laptop to send men to the moon? And now we have all that power and space literally in our fingertips. It blows my mind.

And did you know that now "they" have a mini SD card? I thought SD cards were small, but these little guys are fully 60% smaller than the traditional SD card, and still come with up to 2GB of storage space on them! And they come with adapters so that they'll fit into traditional SD card slots. It truly is a mindblower.  And a micro SD card?  How small exactly are they planning on going with this.  I guess you have to know just how small a traditional SD card is to appreciate the smallness of the mini and micro cards, but if you don't know, the card on the left of the picture is about the size of a quarter, if a quarter were sqaure that is.

I am in the market for a new digital camera to take with me to Africa.  I need one that uses alkaline batteries since there won't be anyplace to charge the battery of my current camera.  I am thinking about the Nikon Coolpix S4, but I simply don't know.  I do know that I'll be buying mini SD cards to take with me! 


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