Does anyone else think these awful shoes are a plague? Or is it just me?


I'm okay if you work in health care and wear them, but they've become ubiquitous!  Young and old are wearing them.  They don't flatter anyone's foot that I've ever seen in them.  Plastic shoes?  I had a pair of blue "jellies" back in 1981.  They made my feet sweat.



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4 responses to “Crocs

  • Doris

    Nothin’ wrong with the pink ones.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yesterday in church, two little girls sat in front of us with their parents. Both of them were wearing cute little dresses with tights….and pink Crocs! I guess patent leather is passe’ anymore…!

  • Allyizzle FO Shizzle

    YO!! i agree with you auntie lou!! how ugly! i bet you they probably cost a lot too! what is the world coming to? lol ttfn

  • Brandy-Lynn

    I like bright. But the holes and bulkyness are way too much with the color. Nurses are wearing them at work. I do not think they should because body fluid of all sorts will reach your socks then your skin. They do not provide enough protection for medical workers to wear them.

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