Flutter Bys

Sooooo, it was another road trip day with Julie.  Julie is in desperate need of new pictures for her photography/greeting card business, so she found a place called the “Butterfly Pavilion” up in the Denver area.  And off we went.  The pavilion held more than just butterflies.  We started in the “Crawl-o-seum” where there were glass terrariums filled with all manner of creepy crawlies.  These particular bugs fascinated me most.  Can you find the two leaf bugs in this picture??

The actual pavilion felt like a jungle in New Guinea or the Everglades.  It was kept very warm, and very wet.  And in it were thousands of the most beautiful butterflies.  Things I learned while I was there:  1)  Butterflies are very difficult to get pictures of  2)  Butterflies are very difficult to get pictures of using my digital camera. 

Julie has a much more sophisticated digital camera than I and she got some FANTASTIC pictures.

I only managed to get a couple of pictures that even begin to do the “flutter-bys” justice.  There were a number of species that were blue on the backs of their wings, and you could only see this vibrant blue when in flight.  When they landed, they kept their wings closed tightly.  I tried, and tried, and tried, but couldn’t capture any blue.


I spy.jpg


The pavilion was also filled with some lovely flowers.  Flowers hold much more still than butterflies do.


And then there was the “nursery”.  A large case with window walls filled with row upon row of chrysalides.  It was reminiscent of the movie “COMA”.  Pupae hanging from everywhere!  Black, brown, bright green, brilliant gold (like metallic gold!), orange, all colors.  All lined up.  Some wriggling, some with butterflies drying out before being able to fly.


And in a related, but completely unrelated story….on the way up to Denver we passed dozens of, probably more than thirty, police vehicles.  And about half of those were not standard issue “black and whites”.  Some that had no markings, (just lights) were burgundy, some blue, some black.  In one stretch of less than a tenth of a mile we saw a burgundy sedan (full set of police lights), a Castle Rock Sheriff vehicle, and a Colorado Springs Police Department vehicle.  Three agencies all that close to each other.  I have watched the news but been unable to find ANY information as to why all these cops from all these different agencies were crawling all over the 25 freeway!  Kinda creepy really…

But not quite as creepy as the terrarium FILLED with American cockroaches.  That was gross. 

On the way home we spied a Hostess plant, and wondered if they did tours.  So, we turned off the freeway to find out!  They used to, but no longer.  Too bad.  That would have been fun.  But they did have this totally awesome outlet and we picked up a few things, and took a few pictures for a different project.

Praying Mantis Phoon.jpgHome of Wonder Bread Phoon.jpgExit 215 Phoon.jpg

Thanks Jules!  Another fun, albeit mini, roadtrip!


Can’t wait to see where we go and what we do next!



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3 responses to “Flutter Bys

  • Doris

    Gotta love anyone who loves butterflies.
    But they ARE hard to keep as pets. Can’t get them to sit up, or shake hands, or even do a Phoon.

    I have a Buddlia bush, (common name, Butterfly Bush). And sure enough, I caught some pictures of the beautiful creatures with wings spread out, in praise to God, I suspect.

  • Lou (Linda)

    I actually got one to phoon for me, but the other butterflies were giving it strange looks so it flew off before I could snap the picture. 😦

    I wonder if that Buddlia bush would grow here. In fact, I wonder if they have indigenous butterflies here. Hmmmm.

    Butterflies, just by existing, are praise to God, doncha think?

  • Doris

    Yeah, we get that a lot when we Phoon. People stay clear of us. So, I carry a stack of Phoon business cards, and that not only gives me an excuse for my unusual behavior for an elderly woman, it shows people that it’s legit.
    Nope, couldn’t get your tiny photos to enlarge.

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