Doctor’s Orders!!

Today I met a delightful woman.  She looked to me to be somewhere between 80 and 110 years old.  A quick glance at her chart verified her age at being 85.  She was down in our department to get a couple of MRIs.  While doing the screening required before a person can be exposed to such a strong magnetic force, she told me that she had two boyfriends.  I told her that this didn't surprise me as she was very cute.  She sort of chuckled, and as I turned away, she called out "and SMART!".  She must be!  Eighty Five and still managing to juggle more than one man.  And doing that while living in a nursing home.  She's a better woman than I! 

But this is the truly funny part of the story.  While her scans were being performed, I did a little light reading through her chart.  I was looking over her admitting history and orders and busted out laughing when I saw this order:

"Patient does not want her boyfriends to know her age"

Vanity knows no boundaries!


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