Zambia Team Information!!

A few days ago in the mail I received my first packet of team specific information.  This packet listed the team members who have signed up to date.  So far there are 22 kids (which is weird if you know about me and the number 22).  And get this, 19 of them are GIRLS!  There's still eight or so spaces available on the team.  It is looking like a very girlie summer!  I've been on a team before that had many more girls than boys, but never this many more.  My selfish immediate thought was, "Oh, good.  They'll probably all want to be on a diet, so cooking won't be THAT important!". 


Now, this is different, and really GREAT.  TMI is issuing lots of stuff for this particular team that the members (and leaders) won't have to bring from home.  This list includes a sleeping bag, blanket, sheet, five gallon bucket, sweater, and jacket!  All of these items are to be left in Africa after we leave. 

Girls and women on the Zambia teams will be wearing skirts or dresses instead of jeans or pants.  I am thinking that I will take lengths of cloth and tie them like a pareo and then leave all the material there to be used as needed.  I imagine I will be leaving pretty much everything I bring.  I bought my first pair of tennies and bag of socks that I'll be taking to Africa!  Once I have a little more information, I'll be posting on "how YOU can help".  We need shoes, but I don't know how many, where you send them, etc.  I know we'll be taking thousands of pairs with us in our luggage (and that's why our own personal belongings are so limited, to make room for the shoes and socks), but I don't know much more than that! 

Oh, but I do know that I am getting very excited.

My condo is available while I am gone.  Anyone interested in taking a month or two month vacation to Colorado Springs?  I have a place for my cat for the summer, but I'd REALLY like it if she could stay in her "own home".  If you used my place, you would have to take care of her, and play with her, and feed her treats in the morning and at night, and you might have to let her sleep with you if she so chooses.  But she's not too much trouble.  My pop might do one month (he says he won't charge me too much to babysit, so I told him I won't charge him too much to rent the place), so think about it!  It's beautiful here in the summer.  At least that's what "they" tell me.

A couple of nights ago someone named Jay posted a comment.  Jay came across my blog doing a google search.  And Jay, believe this if you will, is going as an assistant leader on another Zambia team this summer!  And Jay told me that I have an amazing woman as a backup leader (she was his leader last year to a team in Zambia), and he told me that I am going to love my team.  So, encouragement comes from totally unexpected corners!


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