“You’ve Got Mail”

If you know me at all, you probably know how much I like getting "real mail".  To me there's nothing quite so personal as someone taking time to put pen to paper and sending a personal missive.  Even if the note is on white paper and in a white envelope and written in plain black or blue pen, it's a delight for me to open the envelope and know that this paper was in someone else's hands, someone who was thinking of me.  Since I was 16 it has been my favorite daily thing, getting the mail.  While I love holidays, I don't like that you don't get mail on them.  My friend Connie and I used to send each other some pretty weird letters.  One of the weirdest ones I got from her was mailed in one of those old apple pie containers from McDonald's. 

Anyhow, today was a banner day at the mail box.  I received a letter from my niece Avalon, and a letter from my mom.  Inside the letter from my mom were two drawings that my nephew Jonathan made for me.  Getting a letter is delightful, getting letters like these?  Priceless!

Better than Christmas!

 Avies Letter.jpg

Doesn't this just about melt your heart?  And this is what was inside!

Avies Letter2.jpg

 And from Jonathan, this…

 Jonathans Letter.jpg

Better than Christmas.

Thanks, Choney.  Thanks Jon Jon.  You two absolutely MADE my day!  I love you and miss you, too.



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One response to ““You’ve Got Mail”

  • Diane

    I got to love on the kids tonight – they are still just as adorable and loveable as they were a few weeks ago.

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