My Brother’s New Life

I was talking to my sister Whitney the other evening.  She shared some funny stories.  This one is mostly about our brother, Phil.

In case you don't know, I will explain the current living arrangements that exist within my family.  My mother lives in the a little cottage behind my brother Phil's house.  My brother Phil lives in the main house with his four children.  Most recently, my sister (Whitney) and her son (Mitchell) moved in with Phil and the kids.  It's a mutually beneficial relationship.  Gives W and M a place to live (since Diane moved and they had been living with her), and Whitney helps Phil out with caring for the kids.  My mother watches all five kids during the day until Phil gets home from work.  Whitney takes over from Phil when she gets home from work so that he can get to bed.  His shift at work starts at 4:00 a.m.  My mom usually cooks dinner for all eight of them. 

There's a cat that has lived with them for many years now.  He's an unfriendly marmalade cat named George.  Jon also has a cat named ET (for "Extra Toe" as the cat has this weird mutant dew claw looking toe thing growing out of one of his legs).  My brother doesn't really like cats, but tolerates these two.  Most recently, he magnanimously allowed Mitchell's cat (actually Whitney's cat, who Mitchell calls "my tat"), Marina, to move into his cellar while she recuperated from a surgical repair of a large laceration she somehow got just two days before my sister's move.  Up until her move, Marina had been living with her while everyone hoped a home could be found for her.  Phil had been very clear…"That cat is NOT coming to live at my house".  Anyhow, with her convalescing, Phil allowed her to stay in a large borrowed dog kennel in the cellar.  That was weeks ago.  Her stitches are out.  But she's still there.  I imagine that is where she lives now!  (Poor Phil!)  Anyhow, that being said…

My mother recently decided to put everyone on a schedule so that there was more structure in the house.  As part of this schedule, Phil was told that he would be spending one afternoon or evening a week doing something with just him and his kids.  And once a month there will be date night where each of the kids gets Phil to themselves.  Whitney told Phil that Mitchell was going to be in that rotation too. 

So, what does Phil have to say about all of this?  Well, with a deep breath, a heavy sigh, and a little twinkle in his eye, he said…

"Great.  Now I have five kids, three cats, and two wives…"


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