Top Billing on Google

I don't know who is responsible.

Somebody managed to get Google to bring up my blog as number one when you type in "blah blah blog linda".  And, if you simply type in "blah blah blog" my site comes up number six.  In the past, it wouldn't come up anywhere near the first few hundred (which is far down the list as I checked).

So that's a very cool thing!  I don't know how the whole search engine results hierarchy works, but I know it can be manipulated, and I think it was. 

If it was an intentional act, thanks!  I love it!  If it wasn't, I'd sure like to have someone explain to me how my site would've moved up like that!

If somebody out there actually IS doing something that changes where I come up in the "blah blah blog" search on Google, keep it up.  Knock "the Big Pink Cookie" off the top of the list! 


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