I Can’t Be Serious!!!!

Is it possible that it is April first already?  It must be possible.  My calendar says it is.  My how the time flies.

Out of the blue, today I got a call today from an old friend.  She designs shoes.  I met her when she was doing her residency in orthopaedics at USC.  Her dream was to create beautiful shoes that were good to the foot.  So she became an orthopaedist.  And she started her business.  And it's thriving.  She now has stores in Beverly Hills, New York, San Jose, and Las Vegas (and loads of uppity stores carry her lines, too).  And although I have no experience in retail, she wants me as part of her newest project.  She wants me to move to Milan (insanity!) as soon as possible.  This is one of those things you probably shouldn't think about too much because if you do, you'll chicken out on it.  I can't tell you who my friend is (because her name is the name of the company) until all the deals are signed and the ink is dry.  Just in case the deals fall through.  I say deals because she's also working on opening a store in Japan!  She wanted to know which project I'd like to work on, and since I sort of speak french and french is in the same language family as Italian, and since I really only know how to say "watashiwa Linda-desu" and "arigato" in Japanese, I just couldn't turn down Italy!

This is also one of those times in life where you get to totally reinvent yourself.  Who shall I be?  One thing's for sure, I'll be wearing the most gorgeous and comfortable shoes imaginable!  The company will be buying apartments and I'll get to live in one.  I had to promise my friend I'd stay for at least a year, and she promised me one of the apartments for at least that long.  How cool is THAT? 

And, because I've lived the life of a lowly ER nurse for so long, my wardrobe (and my look in general) is seriously lacking, so she is setting me up with a stylist to get me looking the part.  I guess I see a haircut in my future as well.  I doubt I can get away with a pony tail in this high fashion environment.  A number of years ago, I was toying with the idea of joining in business with her, but decided the timing was wrong back then.  I had a morbid fear of success.  Mostly I didn't really like the people in the fashion industry that I'd met, but don't tell them I said that, I'll be working with them soon enough!

So, I guess I have a car to sell, a condo to sell, and a cat for whom I'll need to find a home.  And a clothes dryer to buy.  I hear that very few Italians have clothes dryers, and I think I'll want one!

The journey just gets nuttier, doesn't it???  🙂   Start planning your visits now!  I'll be busy, but I'm sure I'll be wanting company…


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One response to “I Can’t Be Serious!!!!

  • Shawn

    This is either so cool and fabulous that I am absolutely jealous OR is it a great April Fool’s joke?

    Wishing I were in your shoes.

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