Ever since I moved here, I've been wanting to try out the singles group at my church.  It's called Mosaic.  But since I was kind of thinking maybe I wasn't going to be single forever, I had been putting it off.  I had someone in my field of vision and didn't think I needed to take a swim in a new dating pool.  But, it seemed like the right place to be last night.  So, I got cuted up, even putting on a little makeup and my fabulous new aqua and orange mules, and headed out!  Dreading it if you want to know the truth.

I walked in the door of the gymnasium where the group meets, and took a quick look around.  Lots of gray hair.  Lots of wrinkles.  THIS is MY demographic?  I shuddered to myself.  And in my heart, I thought, THIS is going to be an ordeal.  Then I learned that it was potluck night.  M-Z was supposed to have brought a main dish.  I, last letter N, had dinner before I came.  Anyhow, I picked a chair at a table that looked like it had all the people in my actual demographic sitting at it already.  Which means I sat alone.  I wondered who would be drawn to sit at the table with me.  A few moments after sitting down, a lady sitting at the table adjacent to mine asked me if I'd ever been there before.  "No, it's my first time."  It was her first time as well, and she had brought a friend for whom it was also the first time.  These two ladies were probably in their late forties or early fifties.  Both of them recently widowed and feeling even more out of place than I.  Very nice ladies, both of them.  Then Randy joined us.  Randy was a slightly embittered separated gentleman, probably also in his late forties, early fifties.  He knew these two ladies as the three of them had been in the same grief support group.

Dinner starts.  And David and Tony join us at the table.  These two gentleman were absolutely delightful.  If I had to guess I'd say they were in their late sixties, mayabe early seventies.  David looked a bit like a leprechaun up to no good, and Tony looked like one of those men who gets to go on cruises for free just for dancing with the ladies.  We chatted and laughed and made friends. 

And on my first night at my new singles group and I walked out with not one, but two proposals of marriage!  But David and Tony, though extremely charming, weren't exactly my type!  They did flatter me, and call me beautiful, and told me how pretty my hair was, and told me how smart and funny I was, and it's nice to hear that from a man of any age, especially when you are feeling particularly unlovely.  And they wanted to show me around town, and they wanted to take me dancing.  So, thanks for the lift, guys.

I was told that the turnout was really low last night.  That there's usually twice as many people there.  Perhaps my actual demographic (late thirties, early forties, single, never married, no kids) was out doing something else last night.  Last night I thought that maybe I'd give it another try next week.  But, after dissecting my true intention for going (to meet a man) I decided I'd best stay away.

Or I run the risk of taking a David or a Tony up on their offer!


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