Church – The Easy Way!

When I lived down in Orange County, I attended a church I loved.  When I moved to Torrance in early 1990, I continued to attend there despite the long drive it required.  After some time, I tired of the drive, and because I was working two jobs, my free time was so limited I didn't want to spend any more of it in a car than I absolutely had to.  So I tried to find a church I liked in the Torrance area.  Long story short, I never did, not after living there for sixteen years.  I went here and went there but never found a church that I considered my home. 

When I moved to Colorado Springs, I thought that finding a church was going to be a struggle.  I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of trying on a bunch of new places.  The second church I tried because my cousin Julie really wanted me to go with her to her church.  Her church was a megachurch (a church with a really big congregation), and I don't really like megachurches, but I went.  And I loved it and have been attending ever since.  It's called Woodmen Valley Chapel and the Senior Pastor is Matt Heard.  My first visit to the church coincided with his return after a long sabbatical.  He is an amazing teacher.  I have purchased and sent out copies of sermons on CDs to friends and family and wished there was an easier and cheaper way to share certain messages.  Yesterday in church they announced that they now do podcasting, but I really don't know anyone who does the ipod thing.

Last night I was poking around the WVC website looking for information on the upcoming singles' retreat, and I came across "listen online".

There are some great messages available on there.  I have added a permanent link to "listen online".  Look over there to the right under Blog Roll and you'll see it!  This weekend's message was a wrap-up of a series that's he's been preaching.  It was pretty powerful.  Because he'll start a series, then interrupt it and do another, this series of eight messages has been going on for months.  I have missed a number of them due to being out of town and am looking forward to getting all caught up. 

If you like a good sermon, check out WVC Listen Online.



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