Shower Leak, An Update

The interesting thing about this blogging stuff is that the most mundane things in life are actually interesting enough to deserve being written about.  Like my shower leak.  When I called the plumber, the woman who answered the phone told me not to fret too much, it was likely something as simple as cracks in my calking which caused the deluge into my living room.  I have to admit that I didn’t exactly believe that this was the case, but crossed my fingers anyway.

Leo the plumber showed up at about 11:15 yesterday and went to work.  He filled the tub.  No leaking.  And he ran the shower.  Again, no leaking.  He evaluated my tiles and calking and noted multiple hairline cracks which he said was probably the source of the problem.  He said I’d be surprised at how much water can seep into those and that I had probably reached critical mass (he didn’t say critical mass, but that’s what he meant) with how much water the dry wall could absorb, and it simply had to find a way out.  “Get some silicone calking and fill those cracks and you should be fine.”  He said if it was a pipes issue, it would have flooded again.  Ten minutes later he was handing me the bill and telling me to call should I have any problems.

Ten minutes for seventy bucks.  That makes, what, $420 an hour?  I should have become a plumber.

I calked, I showered, I didn’t leak.  (At least not this time.  Keeping those fingers crossed!)



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