Team Number Three, and Counting!

When I got home and was going through my mail I was so excited to see my first real packet of information had arrived from Teen Missions in my absence.  When I opened the packet, I found that they had 'apparently' made an error and all my paperwork reflected a different Zambia team than the one I had been assigned!  I e-mailed TMI to see what the deal was and the reply was "Didn't anyone notify you that there was an assignment change?  Sorry about that."  And Betty assured me that I "will love" this team!  And I thought the cooking thing was going to be a stretch!  God in His infinite wisdom, and with His curious sense of humor, has now put me on a team where there are severe restrictions on the amount of personal belongings you can bring AND it's a team where we'll be moving around alot, so there will probably be a few breaking downs and setting up of camps!  And that is the hardest part of camping, right?  I just sort of laughed and thought "this is going to be a FUN summer!" 

On the three teams that I went on as a "kid", I was the girl who sweet talked all the boys into carrying something of mine so that I could still take all my stuff and stay under the 32 pound weight limit.  The boys always had an extra pound or two or three to play with, so I'd see how many of those pounds I could get allocated with MY stuff!  I don't know how these weight restrictions will work as a leader.  I have a laundry list as long as my arm of "extras" I'd like to bring so that I can make team life easier if I can, but with these restrictions I don't know if that will be possible!  And since this is only March and I'm on my third assignment, chances are I could have more assignment changes before I actually get on the field.  I had a leader on my first team to Haiti who was totally awesome, and he was transferred to another team a week into Boot Camp, so no guarantees.

It's an adventure from the very beginning, it is!  Indeed!



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6 responses to “Team Number Three, and Counting!

  • Jay

    Hey. I just happend to pull this blog up in a google search…I’m also going to Zambia this summer withTMI! I’m an assistant leader on Orphan Angels (the motorcycle team). Last I heard your team (Footwashing I’m assuming from the limited weight policy) is going to be doing some work in Kansoka which is really exciting! My team last year spent the summer digging a well in Kansoka…the guys that staff the Adam Risner rescue unit are really awesome! I’m sure your team is going to love it! (ps you have a really cool backup leader…she was my leader last year). God Bless! -Jay

  • Lou (Linda)

    Jay, don’t know if you’ll be checking back here! How on earth did you find this blog? What did you put in to search for that pulled this up? I was glad to hear all the good things you said about my team, and yes, it’s the foot washing team. I may just drop you an e-mail because I have some questions for you! Hope that’s okay. So glad you popped in!

  • Jay

    Hi. Yep actually I did a search for “Teen Missions Group” (without the ” ” ) and this was like the seventh result. Sure feel free to drop me an email (I think my address was attached to the last comment but I’ll be sure to put it onto this one too) and I can try and answer any questions that you might have. God Bless!

  • rebecca

    hey! how funny, i googled “teen missions” and this was a result too! well, it sounds like you’re gonna be my leader this summer! do you have a Myspace? a bunch of us already met each other from there…some rookies, 3 FTM’s (including myself) and the assistant leader Jay was talking about, Wendy. we are gonna be one rockin team! here’s our group if you wanna check it out:

    see ya soon! (2 more months!!) 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey y’all, check it out! One of my “girls” from this summer! This is such a weird thing, how you can find people like this! I’m sure there’s a blog posting in this sometime in the very near future! I never knew ANYONE (except the occasional FTM – Former Team Member – on any of my other teams) beforehand, and now here I’ve seen the pictures of and read writings of (went to My Space) ten people! (The world is quite a different place since twenty years ago!)

  • Becca

    So, how do you feel now that you’re back from the trip?
    It’s funny to read the stuff about us getting ready for the trip on the group. And then we got there and didn’t use half the stuff…..
    Miss you Momma Lou!!!!!

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