Two Condos…

one shower, and no ranges!

So typical of a situation that I and Diane would find ourselves in!  We have two condos.  Hers has no flooring except for subflooring and is in the process of being completely redone (paint is dry though).  Basically uninhabitable.  Every room is pretty much torn apart.  The only room in HER condo that is actually IN working order, is the upstairs bathroom.  The shower in my condo is leaking, so we can’t use it.  (Plumber expected sometime today).  Her kitchen has no appliances, and my oven/stove is currently BACK in my dining room.  So, on Di’s first morning in Colorado Springs, and my first day back home, morning found us traipsing from my condo over to hers with towels, clothes, toiletries, etc. to take a shower!  As for cooking, I DO have a microwave and a toaster oven.  But, as Diane’s best friend Brenda says, if we can’t figure out what to make using those, we can always make reservations! 

Off for round two of the trudge through the snow to take a shower!

The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude!  WE are having an adventure!



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