The Grand Canyon was spectacular, as the GC is expected to be.  It was COLD, and overcast, and snowy at times.  We were surprised at just how many people were there in the middle of winter!  And at how many of them were dressed to freeze!  We purchased an annual pass for the National Parks as there are a number of them that we hope to visit soon.  A pretty good deal!  Fifty bucks for a 12 month pass.  Gets you into all the parks for no additional costs.  It normally costs twenty dollars per vehicle to enter a park, so go to three and you’ve already saved money.  I’m thinking of investing in the lifetime pass.  Why, I’ve never even been to Yellowstone!  We will be planning a trip back to the Grand Canyon as we were only able to spend four hours there and there was still much to see and do.  And my cousin Julie has never been, so she’ll need to go!  Maybe when it’s warmer.  I’m thinking riding the mules down might be fun, in a heart stopping acrophobic way…

Grand Canyon1.jpg

We were anxious to get to Colorado Springs, but kept hearing reports of dire weather on the roads ahead of us.  The Springs was supposed to be having a “doozy” of a storm starting in the early evening as reported by one local weatherman.  But had predicted only 10-20 percent chances of snow on I-25 between Albuquerque and Colorado Springs.  We decided to gut it out and power through.  Not far out of Albuquerque, we hit our first snow.  For twenty minutes or so we weren’t sure if going on was the best thing to do, but then, all of the sudden, it cleared.  And we didn’t hit any more snow!  We made it without further weather incident.  Perhaps the “doozy” of a storm is still brewing out there and we’ll wake up in a winter wonderland.  That would be nice.

I bought a cool shirt to show you, and I have more to tell on the GC, but it’s going on 2 a.m. and I am thinking I need to get to sleep. 



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