Not a movie review, but an observation on TMC…too many cars.

As Diane and I were working our way out of town on the 91 freeway, this is what we were in:

The 91.jpg

This is at noon, on a Saturday!  We hit much more of the same farther down the road on the 15!  Actually were at a standstill at many points in the journey out of town!  Oy…  A reminder of one of the reasons it’s good to leave Los Angeles!

We are currently encamped in a Holiday Inn Express a couple of miles outside of the entrance to the Grand Canyon.  On the drive on the road out here to the GC, we both saw a shooting star that streaked far across the extremely dark sky.  I’m not superstitious, but that has to be good luck, right??  Hoping that the weather in the morning will be clear enough to enjoy some excellent views!  My cousin Julie called a few hours ago and said that it will be snowing heavily in Colorado Springs by tomorrow night.  I guess we’ll just have to play our progress by ear depending on what weather we hit and where and at what time.  I suppose prudence would say “while the weather is still good power through so you beat the storm!”.  But we put duct tape over Prudence’s mouth and decided that you can’t just drive right past the Grand Canyon if you’ve never seen it, despite potentially awful future weather conditions! 

Have you ever seen this at a hotel?

If you’re not certain what it is you are looking at, it is a bed that has been made without a top sheet!  I don’t know about you, but EWWWW, why would a maid DO that??  When I called down to the desk, Paul, the guy who answered the phone, apologized and told me that he’d “been getting a bunch of those calls tonight”.  I see a pink slip in someone’s future!



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2 responses to “Traffic

  • Julie

    Where’s the picture of the sheetless bed? I want to see it, but it’s a blank screen!!!!

  • Arthur

    Where’s the picture of the sheetless bed? I want to see it, but it’s a blank screen!!!!
    go to google, type in hotel, then go to second page. most likely will be there (i mean it will still be there.)

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