1/8th of an Inch!

I know I promised not to bore you with details of my kitchen remodel until it was done, but I just had to share this with you!  Today, Rylie, my friend and “cabinet guy” came over to install all my new hardware.  But when he got here, he decided we needed to finish putting the flooring down in the kitchen. 

As background, I had decided to put my new flooring down on the diagonal.  The gentleman I purchased the flooring from told me “diagonal is not for beginners”.  That sounded sort of like a challenge, so I purposed that I’d do it for sure!  As the flooring went down, I started to get worried that it wouldn’t line up in the kitchen with my new sink and cabinets which I had placed, again, on the diagonal in the corner of the kitchen.  I feared it would be cockeyed in the end.  As we neared the fateful corner, it *looked* like it was going to be pretty much okay.  When we finally got there, Rylie came out into the garage to give me my measurements on the final piece that would abut the cabinet, and he said “Either you are very lucky, or very good.  The floor is only 1/8th of an inch off.”

Now, if it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t really have any luck at all, so it must be that *I* am good!  Props and THANKS to John for helping me get that very first piece laid just right so that it all came out well in the end.  And here’s what it looks like:

One Eight of an Inch1.jpg

Next on the agenda?  Hardware and toekicks.  Then slate backsplash.  After that, I’m pretty close to done.  Then on to more projects!  By the way, Diane moves here next week!  She bought a condo in the same 12 unit complex I live in and we’re completely redoing hers, too!  Can hardly wait until all the renovations are completed, both here, and there!


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