Brain Game – The Answers

Congratulations to Denise and Ann who got them all correct! 

Here we go:
1. Letter of the Alphabet (I’ll take credit for everything)
2. Wonders of the Ancient World
3. Arabian Nights
4. Signs of the Zodiac
5. Cards in a Deck (with the jokers)
6. Planets in the Solar System
7. Piano Keys
8. Stripes on the American Flag (it’s not STARS)
9. Degrees Farenheit at which water freezed
10. Holes on a golf course
11. degrees in a right angle
12. dollars for passing go in Monopoly
13. sides on a stop sign
14. blind mice (see how they run!)
15. Quarts in a gallon
16. hours in a day
17. Wheels on a unicycle
18. digits in a zip code
19. Heinz varieties
20. people on a football team
21. words that a picture is worth
22. days in February in a Leap Year
23 squares on a checkerboard (or a chessboard)
24. days and nights of the great flood.

That’s it! Thanks to Ann who had the same 4 remaining – we challenged each other and got the rest. And, kudos to our letter-carrier brother for the prompting on #18.

Strong work!  I expected nothing less of members of the “Christian Girls Choir”!!  🙂



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