“Go to space” – List of 50

Well, I finally have that page up there at the top of my blog called “list of 50” sort of up and running.  I was thinking the other day about one of the things that I wrote on that list all those years ago.  At the time it was a ridiculous notion.  How on earth would THAT ever come to fruition?  I was just an average teenager, afterall.

How would I ever “go to space”?

With the recent success of SpaceShipOne’s suborbital flight, and with the chutzpah of Richard Branson’s “Virgin Galactic” plans, my wildest entry on the list doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore!  I remember reading a book when I was a little girl about a ring shaped space station.  I wish I could remember the name of this book.  Perhaps it is collecting dust in one of my family’s houses.  I remember then being fascinated by the thought of space travel and space living.  And this was just a handful of years after the first man walked on the moon!  An endeavor which then could only be brought to fruition by the massive federal funding it took.  I never dreamed of being an astronaut, though.  And now, with space tourism just around the corner, it has actually become a possibility that a regular person like me could enjoy the thrill of a space ride!  Branson plans to start his tours in 2007.  I don’t know how close he is to achieving that.  And the first flights will cost around $200,000.  But if space tourism follows the course that computers have taken, maybe in 15 years it will be as cheap to fly to space as it is to fly to New York.  In fact, perhaps we’ll even fly to New York “in space”!

Can the Ritz Carlton in Orbit be very far behind???  (Could they generate enough gravity up there to keep water in a bathtub or a pool?)  Can you imagine soaking in the tub looking out the window and watching an Earthrise?  Lordy lordy it gives me a frisson!

Perhaps the reading of that book and the curiosity and desire it aroused in me as a little kid explains my fascination for all the Star Trek iterations, the movie Contact, Isaac Asimov, and the night sky. 

Who knows?!  Regardless, when Virgin Atlantic opens its terminal in Mojave (or wherever!), and as soon as there is a flight that is “affordable”, I’ll be in line to climb on board.



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