The Importance of Balance



Nah, this isn't about finding balance in your life.  It's a story about finding balance in your checkbook.  Actually MY checkbook.  I CONFESS!  I don't balance my checkbook.  I keep pretty good records, so I don't usually encounter a problem.  However, a few days ago, I encountered a problem.  Today I got my monthly bank statement, and did what I would normally do, which is look at it and prepare to say to myself "that seems about right".  This time I looked at it and sucked in my breath.  It appeared to be over $10,000 off of what my checkbook said!  Yikes!  What happened???  So I dug out my checkbook!  I went online and checked and double checked all my checks, deposits, you know the drill.  Didn't find the error.  That means it was either 1) FRAUD and I've been robbed (unlikely) or 2) An arithmatic error (highly likely).  So, I started from the the very beginning of my checkbook and started to run the numbers.  Fortunately, it only dates back to September.  About halfway through October, I found a $5 error.  That didn't really help explain the over $10,000 discrepancy!!!  I forged on.  And in late December, there it was.  I had written a deposit check to my builder for $12,100.  This particular check was in the crease of my checkbook, and for WHATEVER REASON YOU CAN COME UP WITH TO EXPLAIN IT….I had not subtracted this check AT ALL!  Just skipped right over it.  And, because the builder only in the last week cashed the check, all my previous statements only APPEARED correct!  I'm all balanced to the penny (my Mom the retired bank teller would be proud),  NOW. 

I'm still choking.

And the big question is, will I be better about checking my checkbook and statments in the future?  I just don't know if I've learned a lesson here or not!  I'll tell you after the next statement comes in….


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2 responses to “The Importance of Balance

  • David

    I have come to the conclusion that people who are accustomed to having thousands in the bank are less likely to balance their checkbook.

    By contrast, I balance mine—to the penny—once [sometimes twice] a week, by going online and noting all the debits and credits since the last time I balanced. I always like to know exactly how many pennies are left. I can’t wait a month for the paper statement to come.

    I have been balancing that was for over five years.

  • blahblahblog

    Ah, but I only wish I was accustomed to having thousands in the bank! This is house building money, and a new phenomenon to me! Which you’d think would make me paranoid about it! But doesn’t! I am impressed at your diligence in balancing your checkbook. I go to my bank’s website so rarely, I have to look up my login ID and password every time!

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