Orthopaedic Truth For Living!

In my old life, I was an orthopaedic nurse.  As part of my job I attended numerous symposia and other types of meetings of the great orthopaedic minds of the day.  You don’t often walk away from those meetings feeling like you heard a major life truth, but at one of these meetings, that is exactly what happened.

The discussion?  Failure of cement in total hip and total knee replacements.  Not that you care, but the age old debate (or the debate for as long as there has been a choice) is “to cement, or not to cement”.  You can find those that are completely in one camp, those that are completely in the other, and those that fall into place all along the spectrum.  But this isn’t about cement.  It’s about FAILURE.  The speaker was Dr. Rik Huiskes.  And he said this:

“Failure is a process, not an event.”

Isn’t that brilliant???  Of course, he was talking about how cement fails over time, that it is not something that just happens.  But I think that it is applicable to all sorts of failures.  Failure occurs over time, little by little!  I don’t know if it’s ever an instantaneous occurance.  This saying was my screen saver for the longest time.  A new quote, perhaps one that will get a mention in a future entry, now takes its place.



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2 responses to “Orthopaedic Truth For Living!

  • David

    Exceeding my admiration of Dr. Huiskies for such a succinct statement with myriad levels of application is my awe of anyone who can spell correctly orthopaedic and use it in the same sentence as the additionally spelled correctly symposia.

    “Eschew obfuscation for the sake of lucidity!” I always say.

  • wonderlandhwy

    I needed to hear that quote. Failure always makes one feel as if it is such an ordeal. Recently, I felt as if I had been slapped in the face with Failure. Hard to take the feeling of failure lightly… but we must remind ourselves that it is a process. One to learn from, just like so many others! 🙂

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