The Search Begins!

What do you mean the search for what?  I’m going on Teen Missions this summer!  My most important pre-summer purchase is…..drum roll please…..WORK BOOTS!  As you may, or may not (!) know, the only shoes allowed on TMI are leather work boots.  You wear them, yes, for working, but also for shopping, traveling, and going to church!  So, I always try to find “cute” boots when I go.  The boots have to be leather and 8 inches in height per TMI.  But per LINDA, they also have to have hooks at the top instead of eyelets for easier lacing in the morning.  (I picked up an excellent trick my first summer for one handed lacing from a military guy).  And the tongues need to be sewn in as far up as possible.  And they need padding around the top.  And they need soles that have excellent traction.  And they should be as light weight as possible.  And I want them to look less like work boots, and more like hiking boots.  Ya know, cute!

So, while I was out getting a form notarized yesterday, I drove past a store advertising boots!  So I stopped in.  “Define cute” the salesman said smiling, “because I’ve never had anyone ask me for ‘cute’ work boots before!”  He was very game to help me in my endeavor.  I did find a pair that fit most of my wish list.  But they’re expensive.  And since they are mens, I will have to order a special size.  I will keep looking.  But I need to get them soon so that I can have them as broken in as possible.  Florida HATES my feet.  I have gotten blisters every time I’ve been down at Boot Camp no matter how much the boots have been broken in and I am sooooo hoping to avoid that this time around, so I want to wear these through the rest of the winter here. 

My next stop is to see what someone might be trying to unload on eBay!  Maybe I can get cute boots that somebody else has kindly broken in, but not stunk up too much!



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