Ann Coulter

Any one familiar with Ann Coulter?  Well, she is an ultra right-wing conservative columnist and political pundit, attorney and author and she puts it all out there.  Agree with her.  Or don’t!  Either way, you gotta appreciate her willingness to say it like she believes it.  In order to truly appreciate her writings, it helps to be acquainted with her speaking style.  She is dry and sarcastic and funny.  I can hear her voice when I read her columns and books.  And it helps to know that she is a slender gorgeous blonde thing, too.  Not some frumpy bespectacled spokesperson in an ill-fitting mustard colored suit with huge shoulder pads. 

She’s the kind of girl that all the other girls probably hated in high school because she was so pretty.  But she’s even smarter than she is pretty.

Her column this week is on the Oscars.  BITING!


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