“Fly a plane” – List of 50

Back in the early '90's I used to work with a doctor in an ER in Inglewood, CA.  He was an adrenalin junky if I ever knew one.  One of his passions was flying.  On a couple of occasions I was invited to go with him to Catalina.  We flew his little prop plane over out of Hawthorne.  The runway on Catalina was pretty much on a mesa.  When you'd make the approach, you'd swear you were going to crash into the sheer rock wall that juts out of the sea.  Not the scariest runway I've ever landed on, but pretty close!  (They even call it "the Aiport In the Sky")  Anyhow, once Britt got the plane into the air, he'd let me take the controls for the 26 miles across the ocean.  Such fun! 

Once, on the way back, I looked down and saw whales in migration below us!  So Britt took the controls and spiraled us down for a really close look.  I've never gone whale watching on a boat, but this kind of whale watching was pretty amazing.  There were dozens of them, all trailing one after the other, diving and surfacing at different intervals. 

"Go whale watching" was on the list, too.  I always figured that would be on a boat.  So I kept it on the list and maybe someday, I'll get to do that, too.  I hear they make eye contact with you sometimes, and wouldn't THAT be something?!


"Why?", you might be asking, do I have this bizarre photo accompanying this story?  Well, I did a Google Image search for "whale watch air" hoping to get a good picture of what I saw from the plane.  This photo came up with the caption:  "Watch while he whales on his air guitar"!!  I could not resist!!


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