Plus Seventy Two

Was it just ten days ago that I was writing that it was four degrees below zero out in the the middle of the day?  Well, today, it was 72 degrees above zero!  I am told not to be fooled by this “fake spring”.  That March usually holds the worst winter weather.  I’m hoping!  I’m not ready for the snow to be gone until next year!!


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3 responses to “Plus Seventy Two

  • Joanne

    Love the “winters” around here, don’t you??? Actually, I have mixed feelings as well, and look forward to a big snow (as long as i can stay inside with a good book!). Besides, Colorado’s still recovering from the drought years and i get leary (sp?) when there doesn’t seem to be enough snow to cover the rest of the year! Here’s to the next big snow!!!

  • Michelle

    It’s April 12th now and I’m still undecided on what season I want. I think I just need one more snowboard day, then I’m okay with Spring =)

  • Lou (Linda)


    Do I know you? I don’t think I know a Michelle who snowboards! But it’s going to be in the 80’s tomorrow. This weather is rather schizo. Snow less than a week ago, and summer again this week! Is it possible it might actually get wintery again before spring really hits??

    Whoever you are, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

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