Busy week!

This is for all of you who know me.  You won’t find it all that interesting, but imagine how uninteresting those who are reading who might not know me will find it!

First week of returning to work under my proverbial belt.  What a busy week.  I feel as though I have been going non-stop since Sunday night.  My work day starts at 7:00.  Ick.  But the work itself isn’t particularly difficult.  I have the basic swing of things already, and seem to have fit right in with the staff.  Lots of wicked smart folks with razor sharp humor there!  Today the nurse who’s training me had to leave early, so I covered the last part of the day for her.  All went well.  Everyone who came in alive left in the same condition!  A clear indication of success!

Finally got out to the site of the new house to meet with the builder’s supervisor.  I had been stressing that I thought the placement drawings were off.  Everyone assured me that it was drawn exactly where I had staked out the general location.  It simply looked WRONG!  So I meet the supervisor, showed him the drawing, and he said matter-of-factly “Those measurements are wrong.  THIS is where your house will be.”.  Thought so!  So glad I pressed to have them prove to me that it was right.  And, we, (the super and I) decided to move it up even farther on the property.  He told me he’d asked the interested parties to run that past me, but nobody ever did.  SO!  At least where placement is concerned, I feel pretty good. 

What gorgeous weather we’ve been having.  Not even jacket weather!  Bright and clear.  This is Colorado???  I’m moving here!  Oh, wait.  Did that already!  It’s like getting multiple seasons all in the same month.  Never a dull day!

Reminder:  Amazing Race starts on Tuesday night.

I haven’t been home a single night this week.  Looking forward to staying in tonight.  Friday night and all I can think about is how much I want to be at home doing laundry.  It’s official.  I am old. Diane’s escrow closes on her new condo on the 6th.  She bought a condo in the same 12 unit complex where I live.  I think I mentioned she was trying to get this condo but that odor abatement was an issue!  But, she made the deal, and it’s hers.  Making a trip to CA in mid-March for (hopefully) my second to last orthodontic appointment and I will be driving back with Diane.  She’s finally making the big move!  It’s going to be nice to have her just a handful of units down the sidewalk!

Update:  fell asleep on the couch shortly after writing the above, at about 5:00.  Just woke up (it’s 9:30) completely disoriented with my laptop still on my lap.  Posting anyway!  Didn’t get to that laundry, and have moved it to tomorrow’s to do list!



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