No free tickets…. :-(

So, after weeks of waiting to see just how Ted for United Airlines would handle my letter of concern, I now know.  It arrived by e-mail.  They must have this guy juggling a lot.  How many weeks after the flight (I refer you to my January 17th entry for the first part of the story) and he is only now able to tell me what is going to take place?  At this point, I was kind of expecting a “this is what we DID” note, not a this is what we’re GOING to do note.  And this is what the spokesperson had to say:

Dear Ms. Norris,

Many thanks to you for taking the time to relate your Ted travel experience.  It is always good to hear from our Mileage Plus members.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge your comments and respond.

Your experience concerns me because the heart and soul of United are thousands of dedicated and professional employees working to make your travel experience enjoyable.  But, you report that some of my colleagues let you down.  I have sent your comments to the concerned department who will work to ensure the situation you describe does not happen again.  Rest assured that the concerned flight attendants would be informed about your unpleasant experience with us.

Your comments help us focus on specific issues, and your feedback makes a difference.  Your business is important to United, and I hope you give us an opportunity to serve you under more pleasant circumstances.


Elmer Ansari
United Airlines Customer Relations

I was AT LEAST expecting a bag of pretzels for my trouble.  Doesn’t this just TOTALLY belong in a forum called Blah Blah??  I do wonder if anyone will really be talking to those flight attendents. 



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