Happy President’s Day

Weren’t you all just waiting with baited breath to hear how my first day on my new job went?  Well, it went, well…well!  I laughed as I realized that while the rest of the nation celebrates Washington and Lincoln, I was at work!  My first day, and true to nursing form, I was working on a holiday!!!  Anyhow, all my co-workers are REALLY nice.  At least the ones I met today.  Day one and I have a key to the front door!  That’s kind of trusting of them, doncha think?  What will I be doing?  Primarily sedating claustrophobic patients for MRIs.  So that means starting IVs and giving meds and then watching them for awhile before they get discharged to a responsible adult.  Pretty easy.  In an eight hour day, I’ll only have three patients to do that for, max.  And then I also have to keep an eye on and write a note on any inpatients who come down for procedures.  And then there’s the usual nursing chores like keeping track of narcotics/benzos, making post-procedure follow-up calls, checking equipment to make sure it’s operational, that sort of thing.  If I heard it once I heard it half a dozen times today…”your biggest challenge will be with how bored you’re going to be!”.  That’s fine with me!   I don’t even really have a supervisor right now.  I asked “so who monitors me and makes sure I’m doing my job right?”.  The answer was, “you’ll be autonomous, there’s not really anyone checking on you.”  The nursing supervisor recently left the position, and it has yet to be filled.  And nurses have to be supervised by a nurse.  So, if there’s not a nurse supervisor, there’s no one supervising the nurses!  How weird is THAT?  Anyhow, it takes about five minutes to get to and from work, which is really nice.  The closest I have to get to the freeway is to cross over it. 

Eventually I will train to work at the main facility which is not connected to a hospital.  But at this point, I’ll just be working in this MRI facility.

Tomorrow I will be taking a CPR course.  I am going to talk to my big boss about becoming a CPR instructor for them.  That’ll be something that will give me more hours and some variation.  Might even eventually be something I can turn into my own business.  There seems to be a shortage of instructors in this area.

So far, so good.  At least it will help stem the flow of financial bleeding going on in my checkbook!  :-0


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