Unpaid product endorsement for the day…the pet sponge

I guess it’s about time for another UPE… 

That’s probably not its “official” name, and I’m sure that more than one company makes them, but if you have a pet that sheds, you NEED one of these!  The pet sponge is  yellow, brick shaped, and about the size of four decks of cards.  You can buy one at Linens and Things, or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Run this sponge over the couch, bed, or whatever fabric surface your pet crashes on, and it wipes up every single hair.  Pull the collection of fur off the sponge and use it over and over.  It’s an indispensible part of my cleaning regimen.  Hey, I wonder if my next UPE (unpaid product endorsement) will be about something NOT cleaning related!



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