“Odor Mitigation” or “Ewwwww, how GROSS is THAT?!”

If you ever want to disgust yourself, have an odor mitigation specialist come to your house with a black light.  I recently did the inspections for a condo my sister Diane is buying in the same complex as mine.  The regular home inspection showed the usual suspects:  this tile is loose in the bathroom, the water heater is leaking, the dishwasher doesn’t work, that molding is missing around the window…that sort of thing.  But because this condo had a very strong smell of cigarette smoke and because there were two cats living in the house, we decided to have an odor evaluation done as well.  Primarily to find out how much it would cost to get rid of the smoke smell and also to look and see if the cats had been “naughty”.  WELL, apparently the owner had refrained from smoking in the house since my first walk-through, but much to my surprise, although the smoke smell had diminished, I smelled DOG! 

Sure enough, not only were there two cats living in the house, there were two dogs as well!  (Which makes me wonder who is enforcing the rule that all you are allowed at most to have is two cats per condo!)  Fully expecting the odor guy to find cat urine stains, I was surprised that there were HUGE dog urine stains, right in the middle of the floors!  They show up under black light.  But LOTS of other things show up under black light, too.  Every spill, every blood or body fluids, you name it.  GROSS.  I was never so glad to have had shoes on in my life!  Most of the little spots and spills were most likely benign, but when you see drips of something coming down the walls in glowing violet, it makes you shudder.  What on earth could THAT be??

Fortunately, it appeared the cats had behaved themselves.  Which apparently is a good thing, because cat urine is really difficult to “abate” while dog urine apparently is not.  Interesting to note, the odor guy said that ferret urine is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of.  Guess that means I won’t be getting FERRETS anytime in the near future!

(An aside note:  This condo was a classic case of “the cobbler’s children has no shoes.”  Not obviously filthy, but not a house I’D live in as is.  And the woman who owns it is a professional house cleaner!!)

Derrick, the odor guy said “I won’t even turn this thing on in the bathrooms.  You’d be too grossed out!  I won’t even turn the thing on in my own bathroom!” 

I walked out of there really glad that I didn’t have this testing done in the condo I bought.  Why???  Next posting…”On a scale of 1 to 10 it rates the worst I’ve ever cleaned up…”



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3 responses to ““Odor Mitigation” or “Ewwwww, how GROSS is THAT?!”

  • Diane

    I hope people will still want to come and visit!

  • blahblahblog

    Well, you WILL be mitigating! Just wait until they read my next blog. It’s about MY odor mitigation experience. For sure no one will come to visit after they read THAT! 🙂

  • Julie

    that black light thingy sounds awful! Reminds me of my mega zoom mirror for plucking eyebrows……wouldn’t want anyone else to see me that close up! We’d probably all be grossed out with that black light around……makes me paranoid to touch anything!

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