Uganda…it isn’t!

Well, folks, it’s a good thing I didn’t learn Swahili yet.  Plans have already changed for my summer.  It seems that Teen Missions has decided they need me as the head lady leader on a different team.  They have invited me to take that position on a team that is going to Zambia, instead.  This team sounds like it could be my toughest assignment yet.  While my team to Papua New Guinea was the most remote geographically speaking, we WERE stationed near a missionary outpost and an airstrip.  It sounds like this team is pretty much at least 25 kilometers from anywhere and anything.  Here’s a blurb on what the team will be doing and where:

My primary job as head lady leader will be to “feed the team” and I will also act as the team nurse (duh) and will certainly be called into service to see and evaluate and treat medically as best I can the orphans and other locals. I imagine that means lots of wounds and “infestations” of one variety or another.  I hear that there are these worms that burrow into feet and need to be pulled out.  Ick.  You can bet I’ll be keeping my boots on at all times!

My father has always sort of groaned hearing about where I’ll be going.  “Don’t they have teams that go to Germany?  Or France?” he would ask.  I guess he’s over that, because I just got an e-mail from him telling me to “go for it”.  And stating that he hopes I’ve “signed on the dotted line.” 



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