Fake “Yog”, Real Fire…

In my family we call them “yogs”.  When my nephew Richard was little, he couldn’t say his L’s as he was a little bit tongue tied.  When he would see that the fire was dying down, he’d say “Gramma, we need another yog.”  We all sort of picked that up.  Since my mother usually used those chemical “logs”, they became synonymous with “yogs”.  Anyway, one day, when the fire was dying, my mom asked one of us to put another “yog on”.  Richard (probably four at the time), hearing that, sternly admonished her thusly…”Gramma!  They’re not yogs, they’re YOGS.”  Apparently, although his tongue didn’t work right, he was hearing what he was saying just like he thought we were saying it! 

So, why do I write this today?  Well, I have, and use, and LOVE a fireplace for the first time in a place of my own.  I use both wood for the fire, as well as “yogs”.  The last time I went to Wal-Mart, I picked up a box of “yogs” that advertised themselves as “crackling like real wood”.  In addition, they are “shaped like real split logs” (like they are really fooling anyone!).  They were the cheapest ones, so I bought them.  I put one of them in the fireplace this morning, and sure enough, I have a fake log, that crackles like real wood!  When I have my back to the fire, it seems like a real wood one!  And there’s something sooooo wrong about it! 


More on fireplaces that burn real wood and how they are hard to find here in COLORADO where it’s cold and where trees are abundant later!



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