Cave of the Winds

Up Highway 24, on the way to Woodland Park, there’s a cave system.  It’s called Cave of the Winds because sometimes when it’s windy, the caves moan.  My cousin, Julie, and I decided to go there yesterday.  As I always do before I go anywhere like this, I checked the website to see if they had any specials/coupons.  And they did!  It being February, this is what it was for: 

Couples Month.jpg

Kinda hard to read, but it says “Couple’s Month:  Bring your sweetheart during the month of February…”.  We thought that was sort of discriminatory.  So, since we are both recently bereft of “sweethearts” we decided to try to get in on the deal together.  We explained our situation to the “cavern supervisor”, and he laughed, smiled kindly, and said “sure, I don’t see why you can’t use it”.  We got in two for the price of one!

It wasn’t windy, so the caves weren’t moaning, but there were some cool formations in there.  And it was way warmer inside than outside as the caves maintain a constant 54 degree temperature year round.


     Really difficult to get decent pictures in there using a digital camera!  Oh, our cave guide gave us a way to remember which is which between stalagtites and stalagmites.  She said “Stalagtites hang TIGHT to the ceiling, and if you don’t watch your step, you MIGHT trip over a stalagmite.” 

When we were “deep” in the cave, she turned the lights off.  Should it go without saying that I don’t EVER want to be stuck in a cave without being able to see my hand in front of my face? 


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One response to “Cave of the Winds

  • Julie

    I’m impressed, you remembered the catchy phrase for the stalagtytes and stalagmites……….she forgot to mention the lovely cliff edge at the end of the tour, where I loaded her down with stuff to hold while I took a picture (this of course left her with no way to hold on to an railing for safety, which is very important to Lou!).

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